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Hello, new craft room!

Well a year old craft room, but it's had a little refresh to turn it into my dream workspace! I spend a lot of time in this room, it's where I work and play, after all, it also needs to house my very extensive collection of much-adored craft supplies which is no easy feat!

We moved into this house a year ago and both have a dedicated room to work in (Mike works as a sound designer in the room next door, so I'm soundtracked by all sorts of weird and wonderful music and sounds! haha!). I've got lots more space than my previous craft room which is a dream- however, the walls were a grim magnolia colour and the picture rail that surrounds the room a dark wood- apart from not fitting with the EmmaJewellCrafts bright aesthetic, it made the room dark and dingy even on bright sunny days. So I decided it was time to do something about it and make this room the craft room it deserved to be.

Since we live in a rented house, our lovely landlord gave us permission to paint, which was fab so we set to work clearing all of my belongings out of the room and into our bathroom-if you ever wondered how big my craft hoard is, it's a bathrooms worth!

Moving everything isn't a job I want to repeat soon though, so please remind me of that when I next have a wild idea that includes lugging boxes and boxes of craft supplies around!

Once the room was clear I painted EVERYTHING white. It looks so much cleaner, fresher and gives the room back the brightness it deserves!

It was also time to invest in some new shelves to house all of my stuff, I previously had some massive black plastic chunky shelves that were only a day away from collapse. I wanted something lighter in colour as well as something more sturdy, so settled on these metal units from B&Q, that fit perfectly three across and actually give me way more shelf space due to the streamlined design. It makes such a massive difference and means that nothing is precariously stacked, everything finally has a place and looks cute! Winner!

My dad recently custom made me these shelves for my Cricut machines, as I was running out of desk space for them all. They make the perfect home for machines, tools and my pen pots and it's super easy to pull the machine forward that I need to use. Before you ask he isn't taking on commissions!

I love these pink bins from IKEA, they are perfect for storing all of the things I need in easy reach; sticker books, adhesives, tools and my own Sassy Crafting Collection stickers, stamps and ephemera. I'm definitely a person that needs thing to hand, I can spend hours looking for a pair of scissors that I am holding!!

Washi tape has a home here in another of my dad's custom creations, I like to rotate out the washi tape at the top depending on the season of my current faves! You can never ever have enough washi tape! That's a fact!

Gotta have a glittery skull to brighten the place up right!? He wears a crown I made for Glinda in a production of Wizard of Oz a couple of years ago, and the unicorn horn I made myself for a Halloween party where nobody else dressed up and I had gone ALL OUT!

I picked up these pink boxes in B&Q to store my Iron-on, Vinyl and Infusible Ink, all of the rolls can stand upright in the boxes which makes it way easier for me to find what I need.

I've been on the lookout for 12x12 paper storage for a while and happened across these newspaper holders reduced in the middle aisle of Aldi, they fit 12x12 cardstock perfectly and are really easy to slide out the individual categories.

Here's the extent of my craft hoard (that ribbon box needs some serious sorting out!). Everything has its own box, so sewing, paper pads, stamps, paint and so on! Although boxes that aren't see through would look way neater, I like to have everything on display so I can find it quickly and remember what I have! These boxes are mostly from IKEA.

I love having my Easy Presses in their bags on a shelf, it makes it so much easier to grab the one I need. We also left out the lowest shelve on this unit for my rolling trave trolley to slide into- trolley parking! this was constantly out in the middle of the floor so I'm glad it has it's own little space now!

The pegboard is still up in the little alcove space, it makes the perfect backdrop for videos and Facebook lives. Me and dad made this a couple of years ago, so many holes to drill!!! It fits all of my go-to tools perfectly and I love that It can constantly evolve.

I also invested in a pink rolling trolley, you know the one that all crafters have, from Hobbycraft as I had nowhere to put anything when filming videos or going live. This is the perfect three-tiered solution to my problem and can be dragged around when it needs to be. My purple on the go caddy currently lives on the trolley as I have nowhere to travel at the moment!

There are still some final tweaks to make and stuff to go back up on the walls (I wanted to give it at least a week before ruing my paintwork!) but I LOVE it so far. Here's to another year in my sparkly fabulous craft room!


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