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Glue talk - a Crafters guide to sticking it all together.

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

We crafters have to stick together - so I have a guide to all things adhesive to help you on your crafty journey!


PVA glue is probably the glue you are most familiar with. PVA is best for sticking porous surfaces like paper, fabric, and wood. It doesn't have any nasties in it to cause any headaches and nasty smells. PVA is very forgiving too, if you mess up, it can be simply wiped away with water!

I like this one:


Mod Podge is best known to be used in decoupage projects. However, it's a fantastic glue and top coat sealer! Like PVA it's non-toxic and water-based, however, it's specially designed with arts and crafts in mind. You can get all kinds of Mod Podge including matte, gloss, and ones packed with glitter bits!

I like the gloss one for sealing projects:


Don't underestimate a girl and her glue gun! Hot glue guns are really the 'glue anything' tool. Just plugin and go, the heating elements inside the glue will heat up the plastic rods you pop into the back and you're ready to glue. Be careful, the glue you'll squeeze out with the trigger is super hot but you won't have a problem gluing any surfaces together! If you need a strong quick bond, this is the one. You can buy coloured glue and glittery glue for them too!

I am obsessed with the Dremel glue gun (I have three, just in case!)


Tape rollers are a super way of glueing paper together and a top choice for any scrapbookers. They provide a quick strong bond for all kinds of cardstock and paper and you can buy refills for some of them too which is great for the environment.

They tend to come into types, a solid line of tape or dots of glue, which are great for intricate projects.

TOP TIP: Give your wrist a little flick at the end of gluing so the tape roller adhesive detaches from your project cleanly.

I sometimes call these tape mice, as they look like a little mouse!


Glue pens and glue sticks are a pencil case essential for any crafter. Glue sticks are a clean way to be sticking any elements into your journals as they aren't too wet and won't warp your pages with moisture. Glue pens however have a super fine nib so it's a breeze to glue any really fine detailed die cuts and embellishments.

For glue pens my go-to are these:

and you can't go wrong with a trusty bit of Pritt stick!

I hope this helps you with your glue choices in the craft room next time you're making and creating!


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