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Starry Night Scrapbook Layout

Hi All! Laura here sharing a scrapbook layout with you all today.

I fell in love with the gorgeous patterned papers in this month’s box. I decided to use nearly the whole sheet of one on a scrapbook layout. Using a large piece of patterned paper has a big impact and shows the pattern off better than if it were cut and used in smaller sections.

I added a thing coat of clear gesso over part of the patterned paper and the margin of white card. Gesso toughens the paper and forms a barrier between the paper and any wet media you put on top. I used some of the liquid pearls from the box and watered it down to an inky consistency. I then added this over the gessoed area using the packaging technique. The packaging technique is great for giving a watercolour effect with random uneven edges. Basically you take a sheet of plastic packaging, add ink/paint/mist and some water on top, flip the plastic over and ‘smoosh’ it on to the page.

I used the chunky cork star included in the box as a base for my photo. Adding a piece of the gold between the photo and the cork was a nice touch too. I now had three shades of gold (the paper, the pearly paint and the photo layer) on the layout and was hesitant about adding another in the form of the peel off stickers. This was easily avoided by adding a coat of the pearl paint over the alphas.

As I love the paper so much I didn’t want to add anything else and called the page finished.


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