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Neon Stocking Advent Calendar

It's Official Christmas is here! There's no stopping me now!

If you've been around for a while you know I love to make an advent calendar every year. My most famous being the one I won Kirstie's Handmade Christmas with!!

Here's a few of my previous ones!

2017 Woodland Animal Advent

2017 Advent for Men!

2016 Paper Gem Advent Chandelier

2015 Paper Bag Advent

This year I wanted to pay homage to my craft love of the year, Iron on Vinyl- It's literally changed my life and many craft projects! I was mainly using my Cricut Machine for paper and card before and hadn't really explored the possibilities of Iron on until this year- Now I am an addict!!

I'm also using products from 3 of my fave go to craft brands in this project, Baker Ross, Happy Fabric and of course Cricut.

You will need:

-Mini Stockings

-Pom Poms

-Happy Fabric Vinyls ( I used Fluo orange and yellow Happy Flock, Happy Flex in Pink, Orange, Blue, white and Black, Happy fashion Rainbow and Happy Glitter in Lilac, Teal and Orange!)

This is a great project for Scrapbusting too, I used a few vinyls I only had small pieces of!

-Cricut Easy Press or an Iron.

Step One:

Load up my project in Cricut Design Space.

Then cut out the pieces in your vinyl. If using a range of different types of vinyl be sure to click to change the material for each mat.

Make sure you mirror the design before you cut too!

Once cut position your vinyls onto the stockings.

Step Two:

Start up your easy press, put it on 250'F for 30 secs.

You will need to pre press each stocking to remove any moisture in the fabric.

Then start pressing your designs onto the stockings. As some of the designs are layered be sure do one layer at a time!

The flock vinyl will need a little longer.

Step Three:

Use a glue gun to add pom poms of varying sizes to the toes and tops of the stockings.

Step Four:

Fill your stockings with treats, then use a washi tape to add them to the wall!

I went for a 6x6 design but they would look great stuck along your stairs or on a door!

Ta da! A cute advent calendar whipped up in less than an hour and a half!


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