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How to make a Pom Pom!

Got one of my Glittery pom pom makers?

Here's the best way to use it to make a pom pom!

First choose the size of the pom-pom you would like to make, the larger prongs will make larger pom-pom than the smaller prongs.

Cut a length of yarn approximately 15 cm in length. Place at the yarn in the centre of the two prongs.

Now take the end of the new piece of yarn and start wrapping horizontally around both prongs. Keep wrapping! The more you wrap the thicker your pom-pom will be.

Take the piece of yarn laying between the prongs and bring it up to tie around the wrapped yarn.

Tie two knots as tight as you can. Take a pair of scissors and cut to vertically up the edge of the pom-pom maker on both sides, slide the pom-pom up to release your pom-pom.

Once free, trim your pom-pom, this is the most important step, be brave and get chopping until you have a beautiful round pom-pom baby!


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