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DIY "You're Amazing" Card

I always start my cards on a white card base not sure that is just how I start a card. It was fun to have different color card bases in the box to push me out of my normal process. I started this card with a blue card base.

My whole card design was centered around the “You’re Just Amazing” sticker I really wanted to use it as the center of my card. I added the blue tea pot paper to my card base and placed the sticker into the center of the card.

I love flowers they just make me happy. So I knew I needed to add those roses around the sticker in the middle but once I added them it looked like I needed more.

I love to fussy cut I find it to be very relaxing so I started to fussy cut some of the drawings out of the pattern paper.

This card would be perfect as a just because card to help brighten someone’s day up. Who doesn’t love getting a card in the mail on a random day of the week telling them they are amazing?!?


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