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DIY Yoga Mat

Hello Glitter Kittens!

It's a well known fact that exercise or anything sporty and me are not good friends, I can't get in to running, I get bored at the gym and since I stopped dancing, I'm still far too critical on myself to attend any kind of dance class. But if I want to continue eating all of the pizza and cake, something has to give, so along with my family we started a 30 day yoga challenge on Youtube.

I've done a lot of Pilates before but not a lot of yoga, and thought it would be too serious, I would get bored and wouldn't be motivated to do it- How wrong I was.

We started a thirty day challenge with Yoga With Adriene and oh my goodness is she fab, I look forward to yoga every day.

We are 15 days in and I feel calmer and clearer, can move way more easily, little things like getting out of bed are less of a hassle. Annnd I did a full press up this week, something I wasn't even able to do properly in my dancing days!!

Anyway this isn't a blog post about my yoga life! This is all about how I jazzed up my yoga mat.

After three days of using a towel, we purchased cheap yoga mats from the supermarket. I choose purple of course, but couldn't help feeling it needed jazzing up!

You will need:

-Yoga Mat -Iron on Metallic Vinyl -Cricut Maker -Cricut Easy press -Baking Paper

Step one:

Choose your design, this is serious business since you are gonna spend alot of time upside down staring at this!! I wanted to go for "after this we are getting pizza" but knew i'd just spend all of my time thinking about pizza and not yoga!! So I went for "Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic" with lots of stars and moons.

Use Cricut Design space to finalise your design and make sure everything is the size you want. I made my quote 12 inches wide.

Cut out the pieces (don't forget to mirror your design!), weed, then place on to your mat.

Step two:

You are going to want an easy press for this so that you can set the temperature precisely and ensure you aren't melting the mat!

Set the easy press to 210'F and 55 Seconds.

Lay a piece of baking paper over your design then place the easy press on top- I found if i just left it there/ or did a very light press for the 55 seconds and didn't press down I didn't affect the mat at all.

Step three:

Peel off the carrier paper, whilst hot and push the iron on vinyl into the mat.

Step four:

Repeat until your whole mat is complete, then head to the mat for your practice. Namaste babes!!


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