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DIY Wool Wall Hanging

Hi guys, Laura here.

Seeing a ball of yarn in my Glittery Hands Box threw me a little. I can’t knit. I’ve been taught lots of times by different people over my 33 years and never once has it stuck in my brain. And crochet? If I can’t figure out two sticks I’m not gonna get it with one hook! So I had to think outside of the ball...

I picked a few of the hexagon frames and wound the yarn around them. I quickly learnt a few small pieces of double sided tape stopped it all unwinding. Then I played around with the three covered shapes. There were lots of options to consider but I decided that they looked bested hanging in a straight line. I used some matching thread to join them together and added a hanging loop.

I threaded a few pompoms on to the same matching thread and added one dangling in the centre of each hexagon. Now all it needed was something at the base to anchor it. I tried one pompom; I tried a bunch of pompoms – just not quite right. I used some more of the yarn to whip up a quick tassel which was just what it needed.

It’s hanging on my door handle bringing a nice splash of autumnal colour to my room. I still have loads of yarn left so I’m on the lookout for non-knit projects. What will you be creating with yours?




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