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DIY 'Witch Please' Glitter Wall Art

This is the perfect DIY for using your Glitter Stash! Especially for your Glittery Hands Box glitter mixes. It's a great all year round project too, it doesn't have to be halloween themed- I just love using glitter on halloween!

You will need:

-A3 card



-PVA Glue or Mod Podge

-Paint Brush

Step One:

Choose a quote, I went for witch please, because halloween!!

Create letter stencils in your chosen font, I used my Cricut Maker Machine to cut out letters in the size I wanted, but you could print out the letters in your chosen size and cut them out by hand to create a stencil.

Step two:

Draw around your letters in light pencil, use a ruler to centre them on your card.

Step Three:

Fill each letter with PVA glue being careful to stay in side the pencil line, then a few letters at a time sprinkle glitter over the glue, shaking off any excess glitter on to a spare pice of card ready to use again.

Keep glittering until all of your letters are finished. If there are any missed bits, wait until the whole project is dry before touching up.

Step four:

Once dry, Hang up and enjoy!


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