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DIY Winter Wonderland Bauble

Hi crafters!

I have a fun and easy project today that includes a lot of the wonderful items included in the December box! This project was inspired by all the beautiful snowy Winter wonderland photos that I’ve been seeing lately. We don’t get any snow, or a Winter for that case, here in Florida, so I wanted to bring a little of that to my tree this year. You can definitely customize this ornament by using different sequins and glitter color, but I loved the ones that came in my Glittery Hands Box, so I’ll show you how I created this one.


I started by picking out my favorite wooden snowflake that arrived in my package. Using glue, or mod podge, cover one side of the snowflake and then sprinkle the blue and silver glitter all over. Once that dries, turn it over and cover the other side too. How beautiful does that glitter look on your snowflake?!

Then, it’s time to fill the clear, round ornament with the blue and teal sequins, the silver bells, and one of the silver glitter stars. I went ahead and poured some of my own silver glitter onto the other side of the wooden glitter star. You can fill your ornament with just about anything you want that will fit. Get creative and have fun with it!

Next, close up the ornament and randomly place the silver snowflake stickers all around it. I didn’t want to put too many so that you can still see all of the filling inside. Lastely, I added some fun black and white bakers twine and one of the silver tags to the top.

This project was so fun to make and so easy! If you have little ones, this would be such a fun project to include them in this season.

Happy Crafting,


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