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DIY Unicorn Shaker Tag Card

Hello Crafters!I’m so excited about this months box filled with magical unicorns, carousels, and hot air balloons. One of my favorite colors is purple, so to see so much of it inside my package, I was beyond thrilled. Also, there is so much paper! As a cardmaker, I was in heaven.

So, that leads me to this magical unicorn shaker card! Side note: I used a shaker tag kit that included pre cut foam pieces and acetate, but you can easily create your own as long as you have a die cut with an opening in the middle.

Directions:For this card you’ll need a tag shaped die cut, or any shape larger than your unicorn image. Cut the tag shape out of two different papers since we’ll want a different print for the inside and boarder. But don’t throw away the extra pieces, you can made a second card out of them, as I’ll show you later!

Use your die cut to also cut a piece of foam sheet, if your die cut doesn’t have a matching shaker kit. Next, hand cut a piece of white cardstock by tracing the foam piece; this will be the base of the shaker. Adhere the foam piece onto the white base, then glue the center piece in the middle. Add all those glorious sequins that came with your box into the center. Don’t add too much, as you want them to freely move around and not hide too much of that magical paper. If you’re not using a shaker kit, cut a piece of acetate so that it’ll cover the tag, and adhere it on top. Adhere the border paper on top, and then place your unicorn on the corner.

Since the shaker tag is the main focus, I wanted to keep the rest of the card simple. I glued my shaker tag to the right side of a white card base, tied some fun black and white bakers twine at the top, and added a few more sequins on the top left corner.

I love how whimsical this card came out. It’s perfect for all occasions, especially for those who love unicorns!

Since there was extra paper from the initial die cuts, I decided not to waste, and make a second card. There are so many ways you can use your unicorns and enchanting papers that came in this months box; I’d love to see what you create!​

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