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DIY Unicorn Piñata

Hi, crafty peeps! Michelle here, back with another project using the Glittery Hands Box! For this project, I used the Unicorn Fairground box that was filled with all kinds of fun bits and pieces! This box was waiting for me when I returned home from a planner conference, where I made a lot of new planner friends!

I knew right away that I wanted to make something I had never done before, and send some happy mail to one of my new friends! That lead me to making an embellishment box! I had seen them on Instagram before, where snail mail pals make cute embellishments that the recipient then uses on projects or greeting cards that they may send to someone else! This box had the perfect elements to make some really cool embellishments of its own that I used to make new things! It even had the perfect theme that inspired me to make a unicorn piñata to hold all the pieces!

First step was to make the piñata. Luckily, I found a free template online! I used the template to trace the shapes onto cardboard (I actually used the box that the Glittery Hands Box stuff came in). Then I used an X-acto knife to carefully cut them out, and glued them together with my handy-dandy hot glue gun!

I knew that the outside would be covered with tissue paper to make it look like a piñata, but I thought that the inside could use some dressing up. So I traced the unicorn shape onto one of the 8.5x11 sheets of decorative paper, and used that to line the inside of the box. I also used mod podge and the glitter mix from this month’s box to dress up the inside walls of the unicorn!

Finally, I added pom pom trim to cover the unfinished edges of the cardboard. Next up, tissue paper! I had some glittery white tissue paper laying around that thought that would make the perfect unicorn! I cut the tissue paper into one inch strips. Then I gathered them and wrapped them around my fingers, and used my scissors to turn it into fringe. From there, I used tacky glue to attach the tissue paper to the outside of the piñata, starting at the bottom and working my way up.

After adding all the tissue paper, it needed some time to dry. So I moved on to the embellishments that would go inside the box! This is where I had a lot of fun with the things that came in this month’s box! I decided to make rosettes out of the paper bag that held the papers in this month’s box. I then added other various elements that came in the box, such as the die cuts, wood ephemera pieces, and the adhesive pearls to dress up the paper rosettes.

Next up, I thought that the wood ephemera pieces that looked like tickets would make the perfect decorative bookmarks! This part was pretty quick and easy. I just took the ephemera piece and hot glued it to al paperclip. I noticed that there were paper die cuts that matched the wood pieces! So to give the paperclips a finished look, I glued the die cut to the back!

Lastly, for the embellishments that went inside the piñata, I made bows using the white glitter ribbon that was included in the box and the pastel brads. I also filled a spare vial with some sequins, the pearl drop beads, and some of the remaining wood ephemera pieces. Then the contents of the box were done!

I finished the outside piñata by adding the gold glitter horn, and a mane and tail made of pink glitter tissue paper and purple crepe paper. Now I had to close it, but figure out a way to open it and be able to get the stuff inside. Velcro was the perfect thing! I was able to close the piñata, but also easily open it up!

This project was a bit of an undertaking! However, I broke it up into smaller parts that I knocked out over a couple of days. I am so excited to get this embellishment box in the mail and to my friend! I hope you have enjoyed seeing this project and maybe try your hand at making a piñata!

Happy crafting!-Michelle​ Schedule


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