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DIY Unicorn Birthday Card

Unicorn Birthday Card

1: Use a ready-to-use card base or make your own by folding a rectangle of paper (20 cm x 15 cm) in 2 so you get a 10 cm x 15 cm card. Cut as shown on the picture.

2: Open the card and fold it again while pushing in the 2 cut holes. This will create the pop-up elements.

3: Cut a rectangle paper of 15 cm x 12 cm in the patterned paper and fold it so it can be glued to the pop-up elements as shown on the picture.

4: Add double-sided tape, decorate as you like (I used the Sticker Kitten die-cuts and wood veneer + sequins from the box) and finally attach the paper.

5: Card is all done!

Have a nice day!Thai.​ Schedule


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