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DIY Travel Tag Book and Paper Suitcase


Karla here! Today, I want to share this little suit case I made with the April craft box. This box came at a perfect time, right before my husband was leaving on a business trip. Every time he goes on a business trip, I make him a card and include some photos. Now that my daughter is older she draws or writes something for him too.

This time, I thought I would change it up a bit. I made the DIY suitcase with the pattern included in the April box and decorated some of the tags to go along with it. I'm not expecting him to take a 3D paper item on his trip, so I'm giving him one of the envelopes to keep the tags in.

I traced the pattern the old school way by tracing it with a pencil. Then I turned over onto the back of the paper I wanted to use for the suitcase and rubbed the back of the pattern with a stylus. This allowed the carbon to transfer and create a copy of the pattern.

Next I cut, scored and folded it. I used a strong adhesive for the tabs ( I like to use scotch ATG tape).

I added a little handle with the same stretchy, metallic cord I used to keep the tags together.

I decorated the tags with stickers from the April box and the shop. I used my heart punch on one of the sticker strips for a quick, personalised embellishment. I added some photos to the back of the tags and gave my daughter one to write a little something for her dad. I love how it turned out!

Hope I shared some tips and tricks you can use with your Emma Jewell Crafts supplies!


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