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DIY Travel Mini Album

Hi guys!

Sheryl here and I’m back with a new project featuring the Travel theme kit. I love to travel and document my journey, so I thought about making a mini album.

I started by cutting A4 cardboard to 3 pieces: 2 pieces 10 x15 cm 1 piece 4X15 cm

I used the pattern papers that were in the kit and made: 4 pieces 10x15 cm for the cover 1 piece 14x15 cm for the spine

Now it’s time to put the album together.

I’ll use two pieces of pattern paper (10x15 cm) for the covers.

I’ll glue on the back of the covers the pattern paper for the spine (14x15cm) if you want to have a thick album, you’ll want the chipboard pieces as far as possible from each other. I set the spine to be about 6 cm.

Place the chipboard piece (4X15 cm) unto the spine and on top I’ll cover it with a sticker sheet.

Place the remaining 2 pieces pf pattern paper (10x15 cm) in the back

Create 2 holes in the spine and insert eyelets. Through those holes will use a stretchy twine that will hold our traveler’s notebook.

Here’s a sketch of the album

To embellish I added White pompoms, silver album corners and on the cover I glued the airplane wood chip.

I hope I inspired you to make your own mini album using the travel theme.

Thanks for stopping by, Sheryl


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