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DIY Stitched Moon Wall hanging

I adore anything space related so I was super excited about this stitchable moon! I instantly knew I wanted to make a cute mini wall hanging, the hardest part as always was picking the colours.

You will need: • Stitchable Moon • Embroidery Thread • Embroidery Needle • Scissors

How to Make: 1. Pick your embroidery colours; I used DMC’s C600, C603 and 605 as I wanted to match the colours with the moon itself and created a striped ombre effect.

2. Using the full thread (all 6 strands) begin stitching your moon. To create the ombre effect, start from the top with the darkest colour and backstitch down three holes.

3. Continue with the middle colour and then the lightest colour.

4. Use the middle colour again, then the darkest colour again. Repeat until you have finished stitching the moon.

5. Create a tassel one of the remaining threads, attach to the bottom of the moon.

6. Add a piece of thread to the top loop so that your decoration can hang.

7. You’re finished! Now you can hang your moon on the wall.


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