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DIY Sparkly Lollipop Bucket Gift

Hi folks, Laura here today.I love a handmade gift, especially a frivolous one! What do you get a teenager who passed her exams? Well, I made her a sparkly lollypop bucket – what’s not to like?!

I grabbed a mini metal pail and some scrap paper and worked out the size and shape for a scalloped border. Once I had a paper template that was a good fit (only took two attempts!!) I transferred the pattern to the scrumptious glitter felt from this month’s box and trimmed it out. I used super sticky double sided tape to adhere it.

I used my silhouette cameo to cut out some smiley faces from the glittery cardstock and used some glue dots to attach them to the wrappers of lollypops. I stuffed the pail with some tissue paper and poked some holes.

I ‘planted’ the lollies into the tissue so they were standing up.To finish off I wanted to add a stamped sentiment. The stamp in the kit is the perfect saying ‘leave a little sparkle wherever you go’. As an experiment I stamped it onto the glitter felt. I used my MISTI stamping tool so I could re-stamp it three times in exactly the same spot.

The ink built up in intensity with each impression. I trimmed it out in a tag shape and tied it to the handle of the pail.

What have you been doing with your glitter card and felt? Schedule


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