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Can Christmas have too many sparkles? I don't think so!

I recently created this OTT Christmas wreath using my gem stash and I am so in love with it. I can't wait to get it up on my front door so it can sparkle like a disco ball all winter long!

What's also cool about this project is how therapeutic it was to make, it took a fair few hours of almost meditative crafting, sticking the gems on in front of the TV. A perfect project for wintery nights when you need to unwind.


-ALL OF THE GEMS, like as many different styles and colours as you can find, I'm using a selection I've been hoarding for a while from The Range, Hobbycraft and eBay.

-Blank polystyrene wreath

-Clear Glue- I use the Dovecraft ultimate glue

-Gem tool


Prepare your gems in a plate or gem tray, so that you can easily pick them up and see what you have. This way you give them a little shake so that they are face up and ready to go!


Work with around an inch at a time so that glue doesn't dry before you get to it, add a good amount of glue to the wreath, then individually stick on the gems using the gem tool to pick them up, making sure they line up and fill any gaps.

Repeat this process until the whole of the wreath is complete, I decided to completely cover the wreath with gems so that it was weatherproof but you could just do the front if you were using it indoors you could just cover the front!


Once completely dry, I would leave it overnight. Cut a length of ribbon fold in half and tie around the wreath, add a knot at the end so that it can hang.

No all you need to do is hang your wreath onto the front door for everyone to enjoy!


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