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DIY Sequin Planner Dashboard

Hey, crafty friends!

Michelle here, back with another planner DIY using supplies from The Glittery Hands box!

This month’s disco theme fits in perfectly with all the shimmery and holographic elements that are really popular right now. So when I received this box and saw the beautiful purple and iridescent sequin combo, I just knew that it would make a really simple and pretty dashboard!

So for this project, all I used was the sequins from the box, laminating sheets, and the laminator at the local printing and shipping store.

I started by mapping out where I wanted the sequins to be inside of the laminated pages. So I measured out the size of the sheet, and drew it out on a piece of paper. For my particular planner, I wanted the dashboard to be 5.25” wide, and 7.25” tall, with half an inch margin on the side where I would later punch the holes for the binder.

Then, I simply laid the sheet of laminated paper on top of the white paper, and sprinkled the sequins between the 2 sheets, making sure not to get them too close to the edge. You want to be careful of this because you want to make sure that the laminate seals shut. If the sequins are too close to the edge, you won’t get the proper seal you need.

After laying out the sequins where I wanted them, I carefully slid the laminate onto the envelope that it came in. This made sure that the pages were supported and the sequins didn’t move around too much. From there, I fed it through the laminator and voila!

After that, I trimmed it down to size, punched the holes, and added it to my planner!

I think dashboards are so fun and they can really add some fun factor to all the pages of plans, notes, and to do lists. Hope you enjoyed this project!

Happy crafting! -Michelle​ Schedule


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