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DIY "Sashay Away" Door Mat

Shantay you can stay and read this post though!

I acquired this little mat from my grandparent this week /saved it from the bin and knew i wanted to do a little DIY with it. I was thinking up cute sayings for doormats, as you do, and knew there was only one! So I made a doormat Mama Ru would be proud of!

With the final of Drag Race season 10 just around the corner how coud I not do a homage to one of my absolute favourite TV programmes?

You will need:

-Black Spray Paint


-Transfer Tap sheet or Vinyl

-masking tape and paper

-Glittery shoes so that you can werk gurl.

-Cricut Maker Machine

Step one:

Cut out "Sashay Away" on your cricut machine, I used the font Reporter #2 as it looked particulary sassy and bold enough to be made into a stencil.

Step two:

I cut my stencil out onto a sheet of Cricut transfer tape, but any sheet of vinyl would work just as well.

Peel it off the backing and stick it down onto your mat, Then cover any surrounding bits of mat with paper and masking tape, make sure everything is covered.

Step Three:

Take outside and spray with black spray paint, give two light coats to make sure all of the words are covered.

Step four:

Once dry peel off the stencil to reveal your quote!

Place by the door to keep those sassy baes away.


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