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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

I used to own a resin jewellery business, many years ago called Jewell Emporium, and my most viewed video on Youtube is a resin tutorial, but it's a while since I've crafted with it. I always find it a bit of a faff to wait 24hours for the resin to set- I am seriously impatient. So I thought I would give UV resin a try, I recently bought a UV lamp so that I can do my own gel nails which works perfectly for UV resin projects too.

What I'm loving about UV resin is that it feels the same as working with normal resin, but with immediate results, which means I can layer things more easily and play around with ideas without waiting 2 days for the results.

These resin clips are an easy way to upcycle a simple hair accessory while getting the hang of resin and massive bonus-they look super cute!


  • UV Resin

  • UV Lamp

  • Plain Hair clips

  • Gold Leaf

  • Chunky glitter

  • Tweezers


Squeeze a small amount of resin onto the hair clip, spread it carefully so that it covers most parts of the clip. This is just a base layer for the glitter and gold leaf to stick too so doesn't need to be neat.


Using tweezers, lay pieces of gold leaf across the hair clip, then sprinkle a few pieces of glitter on top. Use tweezers to move any pieces away from the edge

and ensure that everything is laying flat, as pieces that are sticking up too high might no be covered by the resin.


Squeeze resin slowly over the hair clip, making sure it goes up to the edges and doesn't overflow. Less is more here, you can always add more if you need it. Make sure all of the surface of the clip is covered.


Pop-under the UV lamp for 2 minutes. This will set the resin, as soon as it comes out from the lamp it is ready to wear. If your resin isn't hard at this point pop it under the UV lamp again.


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