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How adorable are these peg dolls? I mean't to make them for valentines day but ran out of time. They have been on my radar for a while now, I'd seen people posting them on pinterest and instagram but I couldnt find the blank bases anywhere.

I recently found this pack of 10 on Baker Ross and knew it was meant to be!

Peg dolls have been around for centuries, a simple toy made from pegs that was popular way before traditional dolls we know of today.

It might be a little wierd painting yourself, but these make really cute gifts too. Especially if you want to make something for a friends wedding, these would be great- They would also make cute cake toppers! They would also be a great gift for littl eone with a dolls house!

I choose to paint myself and my boyfriend in our typical/fave outfits and added little personal touches like his watch,tattoos and guitar to make them extra personal to us.

You will need: -Peg dolls -Pencil -Paints -Paintbrushes -Black fine liner pen


Step one:

Draw simple shapes and lines onto your peg doll to create hair, t-shirts, trousers and arms.

Keep it simple here as you will paint over these lines, These will give you a good guide to start from. ​​

Step two:

Start with the lightest colours like whites and skin colours.

I mixed white red and yellow to create my skin tone, spend time getting this right and make it lighter than you think as it will probably dry darker!


Step Three:

Start building up layers of paint and colours until you have all of the block colours painted. ​​

Step Four:

Start adding details with small paintbrushes.

Then once completely dry, Finish off eyes, outlines and any tiny details with a fineliner pen.

Keep features simple, with dots for eyes! ​​

Here I am in peg doll form! ​​

Here's me and my boyfriend together! His beard was tricky! ​​


Who will you make into a peg doll? ​​


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