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DIY Mirror Ball Pen Pot

Hello crafty friends, Let's continue our back-to-school DIY month! If you missed my first post, please check it out...

For this second project, I wanted to create a fun pen holder for my little girl. Here are the easy steps:

1: you will need a toilet roll and the mirror mosaics from the box.

2: Cut a piece of thick cardstock and glue it to the bottom of the roll. Wait for it to dry completely.

3: Cut it down to size.

4: Trim your mirror mosaics and remove the excess, add it to the outside of the roll.

5: Use the glitter sheet and cut it down to size, glue it to the inside of the roll.

6: All done! This pen holder is super awesome, don't you think so?

Have a sparkling day and I'll see you again next month for new DIY's!

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