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DIY Memo Frame

Hi there!

It is Atiya here today with my second project as The Glittery Hands Box Design Team Member. Today I will be showing you a quick-easy-super-cute DIY memo frame which I made using the April's box.

Let's dig into it! Here are step-by-step directions on doing it.

1. Grab a wooden frame and remove the see-through plastic.

2. Next, paint it with your favourite acrylic paint. I did mine in White. Leave it for 15 minutes and let it dry.

3. Go to your Glittery Hands Box and get the black suede cord. You can also use a twine for this.

4. Cut the cord into pieces according to the length and width of the frame.

5. Start glueing the pieces of cords one by one at the back of the frame. You can do it in any direction as you prefer. I have used a UHU All Purpose Adhesive for this. It dries fast!

6. Leave the glue to dry and get to the last and final step which is PRINTING. You can also handwritten notes or quotes.

7. If you are going to print the quotes. Then you can simply choose from the free printables which we have all over the internet or simply design your own. I used free printables from Chicfetti. SHHH! I was too lazy to design my own. You can even hang some mini-sized photos of your family/kids/pets.

8. Then, in the end, go to your crafty stash once more and grab some paper clips. You can also use mini wooden pegs as I did.

9. Now hang the notes or photos to the frame randomly.

10. And Taa-Daa! You have your very own DIY Memo Frame.

Hope you like it as much as I did! It makes a fun little addition to your room or workplace.

See you next time!


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