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DIY Keepsake Jar

Hi guys, Laura here today. I’m very excited to share my first project as part of the Glittery Hands Box design team. I had to hold back as I had a case of ‘use-all-the-pretty-stuff’!

The theme of this box is Purrfuct Pets. I don’t have a dog or a cat but I do have a budgie. My first project is a keepsake jar for special little feathers. Hopefully there are some fellow bird owners out there who will assure you that keeping moulted feathers is not that weird! They are so pretty it seems criminal to hoover them up or toss them in the bin.

Here is the process video so you watch along as I create...

Let’s walk through the finished project...

First of all the cute bottle that the gems came in was far too good to not include in a project, such a dinky little bottle.

The tassel was fab as was but was just too long for the bottle. It was very easy to trim down and still looks just as cute as a mini tassel. I added my shrink plastic charms to the tassel. These can be shrunk in the oven if you don’t have a heat gun. My one tip would be if you are using a heat gun shrink one at a time so they don’t stick together! Doh!

The peg stamps are so easy to use. I can see these cropping up in a fair few of my projects. They make a really cute name tag paired with a snippet of the exclusive patterned paper.

I added a grosgrain ribbon bow. I have a vast collection of ribbon so you can expect to see that cropping up in lots of projects too!

I’m eager to get on and make another project with my kit. I have something up my sleeve using the papers and sequins – perhaps I can sneak some glitter in too!

See you later in the month!



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