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I've been making these cute little jam jar snow globes for a few years now, I taught how to make them at Friday's Craft and Cocktail Club so thought I would share the DIY with you too!

For me, there is nothing cuter than a snow globe with flurries of snow falling over a tiny scene. It just makes Christmas so magical!

The possibilities of what to put inside your snow globe are endless, as long as its small enough to fit you are good to go! Try tiny trees, small plastic cake decorations, plastic animals, dinosaurs or mini decorations for a festive feel!

You will need:

-A Jam Jar

-Polystyrene half ball

-Mini Tree

-Plastic animal/ Dinosaur





-All purpose glue/Silicone glue.

Step One:

Take your jam jar lid and turn it upside down, Glue your polystyrene half ball onto it using all-purpose glue. This will give your scene a bit of height over the rim of the jar.

Top Tip: Don't use a Glue gun for this project! The glue is not waterproof, so once in the water, everything you have glues will come apart. Go for an all-purpose or silicone glue.

Step Two:

Glue your tree and dinosaur onto the polystyrene ball to create a mini scene. Wait for this to dry completely before moving onto step three!

Step Three:

Fill up your jar as full as possible with water.

Add two drops of glycerine. Be careful to not add too much glycerine as you won't get the beautiful snow falling effect if it is too much!

Add half a teaspoon of glitter. Be careful here, it looks as though this isn't enough glitter but it is! you still want to be able to see the scene inside as the glitter falls. Remember you can't remove glitter, so go slow and add a little at a time.

Stir so that the water, glycerine and glitter are mixed well.

Step Four:

Ensure that the water is filled up to the very top of the jar, then replace your jam jar lid and tighten to seal.

Dry off the excess water from the jar before turning the right way up.

Add glue to the lid to seal the jar.

Give it a good shake and enjoy your snowy scene!


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