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DIY Hot Air Balloon Shaker Card

Hello Crafters!

I am in girly heaven right now with this months box. The unicorns are amazing, but these hot air balloons are so dainty and whimsical all on their own. Lets not overlook all the gorgeous patterned papers either. I love mixing patterns and colors when I’m creating cards, so it was easy to do with what I received this month. I immediately envisioned this card, and because I love shaker cards so much, I had to create one.

Side note: I used a shaker kit that includes pre cut foam piece and acetate, but this can easily be done with a foam sheet and acetate as long as you have a circular die cut.

Directions: Start by picking out your favorite patterned papers and a blank card base. You can either use the sequins that came with your box, or ones you may already have. I wanted a softer feel for my shaker card so I used iridescent sequins that I had in my craft room.

To add more finished look to the paper, I used two different size die cuts that have a stitched edge to them. Then, used my circular die cut to cut out a solid purple shape. This particular die cut is for a tag, so I simply cut the top loop off. If you don’t have a shaker kit for your die cut, go ahead and cut out a piece of foam sheet. Adhere the two large rectangles onto your card base.

Cut a banner edge to one side of your ribbon and adhere it towards the lower half of your card. Then place the circular purple paper just a little off centered, place your foam circle on top, add sequins, and place a circular sheet of acetate over the top.

Lastly, place your purple circlular border on top of your shaker piece and add your magical hot air balloon to the side.

To add a little more detail and whimsical touch, glue down two or three of the wooden stars to the side.

This card is perfect for a baby shower, or just for a sweet little girl in your life. The colors work so well together and give such a magical look. ​ Schedule


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