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DIY Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Hi guys, Laura here again.

I’m so excited to share this hot air balloon mobile project with you all...

I started out by cutting out the hot air balloons from the StickerKitten paper. I dipped in to my own StickerKitten stash too and cut four or five sheets worth of balloons. I took the clouds included in the ephemera traced around them and cut out lots white cardstock clouds. I also pulled out the unicorns and the teal and white sequins.

I covered the clouds with a squiggly uneven coat of the puffy paint and used my heat gun. It’s magical watching them turn from glossy paint to fluffy clouds!

While they were cooling down I scored and folded the hot air balloons down the middle. I glued three balloons together, added a length of thread down the middle with plenty of glue and then plugged the gap with another balloon. I sandwiched the unicorns back to back with thread in the middle and did the same for the cooled down clouds.

Now for the assembly... I used the centre of a wooden embroidery hoop as my structure. I added two lengths of grosgrain ribbon in matching shades to form the hanging loop and attached them to the hoop at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.

I tied my dangly elements to the hoop, fairly evenly spread, making sure to keep the balance. I you add more weight on one side your hoop will not hang horizontally.

Then to fill it out even more I added a loop of thread to the hanging ribbons and tied on some more dangles. I added a few threads with sequins too, as I love to add sparkle wherever possible. As a finishing touch I added the sparkly ribbon from the June kit around the wooden hoop. I love how the sequins and the glittery ribbon catch the light as they move in the breeze.

If you have a go at creating a hanging mobile with your kit don’t forget to tag us - @glitteryhandsbx

I’m already looking forward to next month’s box... see you then!

Laura x​

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