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One of my fave things about the lead up to Christmas is getting to open an advent calendar every morning! Which is probably why we end up with about 5 to open every year!

This year I thought I would make my own advent calendar to share with my housemates. I’ve kept it pretty low budget, but high on style! I have filled mine with chocolate treats, but you could easily replace these with little toys or more expensive treats for your loved ones!

DIY Advent Calendar.

You will need:

  • White and brown paper pouches

  • Mini wooden pegs

  • White and silver twine

  • Silver Glitter

  • Gold and black stamp pads

  • Christmas stamps

  • Wooden numbers

  • Gold paint (Get it here)

  • Paper clips

  • Chocolate treats

  • Embellishments

  • PVA glue

  • Small Paintbrush

Step one:

Pour a little of your gold paint into a pot, as I’m going big for the gold/copper feel, I have chosen to use the emperor’s gold paint by DecorArt.

Lay out your wooden numbers and paint them gold!

Step two:

Add a bit of sparkle to your pegs to give them a little extra Christmas magic.

I did each one differently, painting some completely and others with small sections of gold.

Step three:

Lay out your paper pouches on the table ready for decorating, I want every bag to be different but with an overall theme. I started off by taking some Christmas stamps and stamping a few bags with gold ink and a few with black ink, using different stamps in different places to create the effect I am after.

I added a few embellishments too, such as these super cute bears and diamantes.

On other bags, I used PVA glue and silver glitter to create a snowy feel. On some of the paper bags I dotted PVA glue to make snowballs and on others I did big blocks of snowdrift style glitter.

Step four:

Glue on the numbers!

Make sure your numbers have dried, then glue them with PVA glue to the bags.

Step five:

Fill up your bags with treats!

As there are four people opening my advent calendar, I laid out all of the treats to ensure nobody got the same treat twice and that they were all evenly spaced throughout the month.

Fasten each bag with a paper clip.

Step Six:

Cut three metre long lengths of string.

Step Seven:

Hang your advent calendar! As well as giving everyone a treat this December this calendar will be a great festive focal point too!

String up the three lengths of twine, then start pegging the bags up. Be sure to put them up in a random order so they are harder to find each morning! Each string should take eight bags.

Add some feathers to the pegs to create extra festive chic!

Step Eight:

Sit back, enjoy and look forward to that first bag being opened on the first of December!


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