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DIY Halloween Treat Box

Halloween treats box

  1. Fussy cut a skull from the black paper.

  1. Trim down the pink paper to have a rectangle of 5 1/4 inch x 9 1/2 inch. Score at 1 inch, 4 1/4 inch, 5 1/4 inch and 8 1/2 inch. Turn and score at 1 inch from the left and right border.

  1. Cut and fold as shown on the picture.

  1. Remove some more paper as shown on the picture.

  1. Decorate the box: add a round paper frame, the black skull, 2 googly eyes and a sentiment.

  1. Use double-sided tape to glue the flaps and get a "pizza box".

  1. Punch a half-circle to make the opening easier.

  1. All done, you can make as many as you want. They are so fun!


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