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I love a good skull decoration, especially around halloween. I've had this polystyrene Skull from Hobbycraft sat on my shelf for a while now, I wasn't sure what to do with him. However this week when finally clearing out some of my craft room, I came across a set of foils, I forgot I owned! (oops!) It seemed like the perfect excuse to see if they would work with polystyrene and give old bones here a bit of a makeover.

After halloween he'll be going back on the shelf to add a little bit of glamour to the place!

You will need:

-Foils ( I got mine in this set from the works)

-Polystyrene Skull (This one from Hobbycraft)




Step one:

Sponge glue onto the skull, then leave to dry until tacky.

Once glue is tacky lay sheets of foil over the top, rub and then pull away leaving some of the foil behind. For a distressed look, scrunch up the foil.

Continue layering the foil until you get the desired effect.

I layered Pink, Purple, blue, silver and grey foils to create a petrol effect, adding gold on top.

Step Two:

Add gems! You can never go wrong with sparkles! To make this skull super glam, start adding gems to the forehead and around the eyes. Go for gems of varying colours and sizes to get the best effect.

Allow to dry, before setting up as part of a decadent halloween display or as the perfect addition to a shelf- place on top of a pile of coffee table books for instant glam!


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