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DIY Fly Away With Me Pennant

I don’t know about you, but I love a pennant flag! Fabric or paper, they are a great way to add a sassy quote to your home. This one features my favourite quote from the April subscription box and is really simple to make!

You will need: • April Subscription Box – I used the orange printed pager, ‘Fly Away With Me Honey’ postcard, plane printed tape piece and wooden earth. • White Card • Matching Embroidery Thread • A Thick Embroidery Needle • Double Sided Tape • Sticky Foam Pads • Scissors or Paper Cutter • Pencil • Ruler

How to Make: 1. On the back of the A4 orange sheet of paper, mark half way across with a pencil.

2. With a pencil, mark 21cm down from the top.

3. Join up these marks with a straight line and cut.

4. Trace around the shape onto the white card and cut out. With double sided tape, stick these together.

5. Turn the paper over and roughly place where you would like to put the decoration.

6. Stick down the plane printed piece.

7. Add foam pads to the back of the postcard and stick.

8. Add double sided tape to the back of the wooden earth and stick.

9. On the back, mark 1cm from the top and side of each top corner.

10. Thread your needled and carefully pierce through the card, knot the thread. Go back through the other side; the knots should be at the back.

11. You’re finished! Now you can proudly hang your pennant on the wall.


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