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DIY Embroidered Rainbow Bookmark

Hi guys, Laura here today.

I couldn’t wait to start sewing the wooden bookmark from the Happy Rainbows box. I grabbed some squared paper and made a quick sketch to give me an idea of where to start sewing. I had 24 x 11 squares to play with and knew I wanted to carry on the rainbow theme. I’m a sucker for anything with rainbows on!

I sketched out a cloud and a rainbow - essentially I made myself a little cross stitch pattern to work from.

I tried a big needle and three strands as suggested in the magazine included in the box but it was looking a little sparse. I found a narrower needle with a smaller eye but still bigger enough to thread all 6 strands through. It was a little tight going through on the fourth pass but I managed it. It gives a much fuller appearance to the stitches.

I then made a tassel to add that special finishing touch. If the back of your bookmark is messy you can easily cover it up by gluing a rectangle of thread over it.

How to make a tassel with the thread in this month’s box:gather your threads. (I had 7 strands approximately 75cm each. Use less for a smaller tassel or more for a larger tassel.)hold the ends of the thread with your thumb, middle finger and ring finger.

Making sure to leave a gap between your middle and index finger wrap the threads round your wrap the threads round and roundslide a piece of thread about 30cm long into the gap in the middle of the threads between your index and middle fingers – this will be how we attach our tassel to our project wiggle the 30cm piece of thread up to the top of the tassel.

Wrap a shorter length of thread (20cm-ish) around all the tassel threads and tie temporarily remove the tassel from your fingers and tie the 20cm thread as tightly and securely as you can.

I used a surgeons knot Tie a knot in the 30cm piece of thread trim the ends of your tassel use a needle to thread the ends of your 20cm thread in to the middle of the tassel and trim so they cannot be seen. Schedule


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