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DIY Dog Coaster

Hello, fellow crafters!

I’m so excited to share with you my first project as part of The Glittery Hands Box Design Team! First, let me just tell you how great this month’s box is; it’s filled with tons of adorable pet themed goodies. I’m a dog lover, so this box made me very happy. I know you’ll enjoy this easy DIY dog coaster that you can keep for yourself, or make as gifts.

Lets get crafting!


Dachshund Die Cut

Round Cork Coaster

Stencil Paper


Paint Sponge

Die Cut Machine


Start by tracing your coaster onto the back of a sheet of stencil paper and cutting out the circle. If you don't have stencil paper, this might work with vinyl or any other plastic material. It needs to be thin enough to run through your manual die cutting machine. I used stencil paper from Silhouette, which worked perfectly for this project. Not only did it run through the die cutting machine seamlessly, but it has a sticky backing so it won't move when you place it on your coaster.

Next, take your dachshund die, place it on your stencil paper and run it through your die cut machine. Place it in various positions so he is scattered on your circle. This is why we traced the coaster first. It gives you a better idea of how it will look when it's done rather than if we just cut out a large square.

Once you're done cutting out your designs, peel the backing off of the stencil paper and adhere the stencil directly onto your coaster. Make sure you press down on your stencil, we want to seal the edges as good as possible so the ink doesn't get underneath.

Now it's time to paint! Using a sponge brush, dab the paint onto the stencil. Dabbing works best as it helps to eliminate the ink from getting under the stencil. Let it dry and then add another coat if you need. I used fabric ink, but any acrylic paint will do the job.

Tip: I've read a few other tutorial on DIY coasters. I would recommend adding varnish BEFORE you peel the stencil off. This will help seal the paint, but allow your cork to stay natural so that it is able to absorb liquids from your drinks; you know, to do its job!

After the ink has dried completely, go ahead and carefully lift your stencil off the coaster to reveal your design!

Are these not adorable?! Imagine how great these would be with different colored dogs, or try creating an ombre effect. This is the perfect easy DIY project that would be great for gifts, too. I can't wait to see what you create.

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