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DIY Disco Tags

Hi there!It’s Atiya here today!

Let’s get straight into the making of these cute mini cards.

Card#1 To make the shaker card, I took the vellum and stamped the sentiment that came in my box. I stamped it with Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Ink and then embossed it using Letter It Embossing Powder in Navy.

Then, I glued it on to the back of polaroid.

Next, I took the sequins and placed them in the centre. Then I took an acetate and glued it down. There I had my sequins squished in the sandwich.

Please note; I haven't used any foam tape here. I wanted to make it as a "no-bulk shaker card".

Later, I took one of the Pink disco cardstock from the box, trimmed it and punched round corners using the Fiskers Corner Squeeze Punch. Then tape down the polaroid on it. I made a small bow using pink twine and glued that down.

On the top it, I stuck a wooden peg on it. In the end, I added sequins on top of the vellum.

Card#2 The second one is slightly different from the first one. This is a no-shaker card. In here, I have just added the plain vellum and die-cut the word 'Hello' using the glitter sheet in Bronze. I glued it down on the top of the polaroid frame and for the final touches, I added the sequins.There you have them!

Both the cards measures 3.5x4.25". The size is perfect to attach them with your gift boxes.

I hope you liked them. See you next time.

Happy Crafting!​ Schedule


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