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DIY Disco Letter

There’s a party going on in my craft room and you’re invited! This month’s Glittery Hands Box is filled with sparkle (of course) Mirror Balls, and funky 70’s vibes. Just like Emma, my favorite item in this month’s box has to be those holographic polaroid frames. I can see these being so versatile, even outside of the disco theme. And of course, we can’t forget about the sequins! I’m a sucker for shaker cards, so we’ll have to see if those purple and white sequins make their appearance, too.

For this project, I took the disco ball theme to the next level by creating a personalized letter ‘N’ disco decor. This miniature N disco letter fits perfectly on my desk to remind me to get a little funky every now and then.


Start by cutting out yoru 3D letter using your electronic cutting machine. I used my Silhouette Curio since it does great cutting out thicker material like the chipboard that I used. You can use any sturdy card stock if you don’t have chipboard available.

Next, arrange your mirror mosaic tiles on the letter front so that you can layout your design. Be careful when you cut these out, as they are can be sharp. Then, use your alcohol inks by squirting your favorite colors on the mosaic mirror tiles as you wish. I decided to do three strips of color and leave the top portion alone. You can either let these dry on their own, or use a heat gun to speed of the process.

Once the tiles are all dry, adhere them to the front of the letter and then assemble the rest of your 3D letter. I finished the sides of my letter off with the iridescent sticker paper. Now you have yourself a funky disco letter to display on your desk while you craft up some more awesome projects from this months Glittery Hands Box!

I can’t wait to see how your letters turn out.

Happy Crafting, -Nicole​



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