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DIY Cute Socks

Who isn't down for a cute sock? Now I am not afraid to admit I'm the type of person who wears odd socks religiously, but i do love myself a cute sock, i've got everything from unicorns, sausage dogs and harry potter socks in my sock drawer.

I recently started using the Dovecraft Enamel effects by Trimcraft for papercrafting and wondered what else it would work with, it seriously reminds me of those puffy name headbands we all wore in the 90's! Which got me thinking whether I could use it on material. Turns out it's perfect! The enamel effects drys hard and keeps it's 3d puffiness and has a super thin nozzle which means it's perfect for easily drawing designs on fabric.

I've given it a go on some plain primark socks. I added a little cat face and an I love pizza! motif to the ankle of each sock- granted if i'd of been paying more attention I should have done both of the designs on the outside of the ankle, but hey I like that the cat face peeks out as walk along!

Give it a go! These are so simple and would make great personalised gifts! or just if you wanted to write the days of the week on all of your socks to make your life easier!

And yes I was led upside down in my knickers to get these photos LOL!


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