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DIY Craft Room Box Frame

As soon as I opened this months craft box I knew instantly what my first project would be, a craft-tastic box frame!

Like me, my mum is also a craft enthusiast and I have been promising her for months that I would make her a box frame to display in her craft room. When I first opened the May Craft Box I immediately spotted the ‘I didn’t choose the craft life the craft life chose me’ postcard and thought it would be perfect for this project.

To make the box frame you will need:

  • May Craft Subscription Box

  • A deep box frame 6” x 8” (you can use other sizes and just adjust your measurements when cutting the paper)

  • Sticky foam pads

  • Scissors or paper cutter

Now its time to get crafty!

  1. Cut a 6” x 8” rectangle from the blue patterned paper

  2. Cut a 5” x 7” rectangle from the pink patterned paper

If your box frame is a different size then cut the blue patterned paper to match the size then cut the pink patterned paper so it is 1 inch smaller.

  1. Layer the two patterned paper cut outs and stick together using the sticky foam pads

  2. Stick your ‘Craft Life’ quote postcard on top of the papers with foam pads

  3. Add 2 mini fluffy pom poms on opposite corners using the Dovecraft Easy Fix included in the box. (I added these to the outer corner but you can put them anywhere you feel looks best).

  4. Now its time to decorate the frame!

  5. Add the Holographic Washi Tape to either edge of your frame

  6. Finish by adding some cute craft stickers

  7. Display proudly in your craft room!

Check out my instagram to see what else I got in the May box and my other makes.


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