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DIY Christmas Place Settings and Gift Tags

Oh Christmas craft, I love you. This is the best box I’ve had, I think... certainly the box that has inspired the most ideas. Simple crafting is always good around this time of year – we have a million other things to do. It is important to make some ‘me time’ though and for me that will always be crafting.

Today I’m going to share the table settings I have made for Christmas Day.

Really simple to make, I’ve started off with some white card as my base. I’ve scored down the middle to get a nice fold. When I score I pop a sheet of foam underneath. This allows me to make a deep score line which means perfect folds every time.

I grabbed my peg stamps and silver glitter cardstock from previous glittery hands boxes. I added stamped names to the front and “Merry Christmas” to the back making sure to leave space for the bell and tag embellishment. Adding a couple of silver glitter snowflake stickers per card finishes things off nicely.

You can see them come together here:

So quick and simple that you’ve got time to make more..?

I grabbed the tags, one of the sheets of patterned paper, sequins and the wooden snowflakes and set to creating.

I love a torn edge on my patterned paper even if it feels a bit bad ripping in to a new sheet. I tore the bottom edge of some strips of paper and attached them to the tags.

I had a go at mixing my own glitter embossing powder. I figure the melted powder is what holds the glitter in place so I went roughly one part embossing powder to one part glitter. I covered the wooden shapes in a sticky ink and sprinkled on the powder. Once the excess has been stored away (I’ve got ideas for that already!) I melted the powder with a heat gun. As I’d hoped the melting powder grabbed the glitter and held it in place. (This project can be made simpler and quicker by not embossing the wooden snowflakes. Let’s face it, they look pretty good naked too!) As a finishing touch, and because you can never have too much sparkle, I added a few sequins to each tag.

You can watch the process for the tags here:

Have fun with your Christmas boxes!



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