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DIY Christmas Cards

Make these gorgeous Christmas cards!

  1. For the first card, cut 2 triangles in the patterned paper.

  1. Glue them to the front of the card base, on 2 opposite corners. Add some washi, make sure to line up everything.

  1. Add a paper doilie and the felt fox.

Finish by adhering a few sequins and a tiny pom pom to the nose for a fun touch.

  1. For the second card, cut a rectangle of patterned paper smaller than the card front and also fussy cut one sweater from the same paper.

  1. Glue to the card base the paper rectangle, then use thick foam tape to add the tag and the sweater.

  1. Put some liquid glue on the snowflake wood veneers and sprinkle some glitter on them. Wait for it to dry.

  1. Glue them to the card, add some sequins and stickers.

  1. You're all done!


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