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DIY Bird Person Shaker Quote Card

Hi Crafty Friends!

I was looking at my magnetic pin board and noticed that about half the stuff on there was bird related. It brought to mind the question, “Are you a dog person or a cat person?” Well, clearly I am a bird person! So I made a sign to pin up amongst my bird paraphernalia!

To start off I stamped out the saying on some white cardstock using the peg stamps. I chopped these up in to word tiles and set them aside. I used one of the exclusive papers to cut out the word ‘bird’ and the other to act as a background. In order to make the background a shaker pocket I used my sewing machine to attach some vellum, added as many sequins as I could and sewed up the gap.

Next up I used a super sticky double sided tape to adhere the words on top. I could have used wet glue but there is a chance the moisture would wrinkle up the vellum. Wrinkled vellum is akin to the baker’s soggy bottom – something to be avoided at all costs!

And there it is, sat on my pin board surrounded by ‘bird stuff’!

You can watch the process video for this make here:

Thanks for looking, see you next month!


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