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DIY Absolute Babe Shaker Card

Hi there, Hannah here!

In the May Subscription Craft Box there is the cutest stickers (think roller skates, pizza, ice cream) that are perfect to use on so many different craft projects. I decided to make this ‘Absolute Babe Shaker Card’ to give to a friend to remind her what a babe she is!

To make this cute shaker card you will need:

  • May Craft Subscription Box

  • Holographic card

  • Translucent vellum paper

  • Blank card base (5” x 7”)

  • Foam pads/tape

  • Scissors or paper cutter

Now time to get crafting:

  1. Cut out a 5” x 7” rectangle from the holographic card

  2. Cut out a 4.5” x 6.5” rectangle from the stripe paper that's included in your box

  3. On the back of the stripe paper draw around the holographic cut out that will be used for the shaker part of the card and cut out

  4. Use the Dovecraft Easy Fix to stick the holographic cut out to the stripe paper (covering the part that has just been cut out)

  5. Cut the vellum paper so it fits on the back on the stripe paper and attach using the Dovecraft Easy Fix

  6. Arrange your foam pads or tape around the outside of the card (making sure not visible through the circle cut outs)

  7. Put more foam around the cut out section including a small bit between the circles (this will make sure your sequins stay behind the circle cut outs)

  8. Add a small amount of the sequins included in your craft box behind each circle cut out and then attach to the holographic card

  9. You should now have a cute shaker section on your card

  10. Now for the fun bit…. Stickers!

  11. Add these where ever you wish! I added small stickers to the shaker sections and then added a strip of Holographic Washi Tape to the bottom of the card and added stickers to this

  12. Don’t forget to add on the ‘Absolute Babe’ sticker

  13. To finish grab some Star Sequins and Dovecraft Glue (all from the craft box) and randomly stick them over the card

There you go, you now have a fun and cute card ready to give to an Absolute Babe.

Check out my instagram to see what else I got in the May box and my other makes.


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