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DIY 50's Style Easter Bunny Hat

If you've watched my Instagram stories lately, you'll know I picked up this hilarious bunny ear hat from Hobbycraft. Did need it ? No. Did I think it was so hilarious I had to try and do something with it? 1000% yes!

As this hat was made for children it unfortunetly wouldnt fit my big head, so I had to trim it a little to fit. Which gave me the idea to make it into a 1950's inspired hat, as it was starting to resemble that shape.

So here it is! my 50's inspired easter hat! also perfect for any easter weddings you have coming up or just for wearing around the house on days when you need a little extra something to get you through!

To be honest this hat just snowballed, I was going to make a cute 50's hat, perfect for easter weekend and next thing i know it's taken on a life of its own.

I cut the hat down to fit my head a bit better, then felt it needed a little something, so cut it into a cute point. I think I was feeling Harry potter Beauxbaton vibes!

I've had this adorable net in my fabric stash for ages, it has tiny pastel pom poms all over it and suddenly seemed lime the perefct thing to make a little birdcage veil with.

Next thing I know I have out the glue gun and my pot of pom-poms and I've added quite a lot of them in a sort of pom-pom crown feel to the base of the ears and there is no going back!

If anything can be learnt from this mad project, it's that sometimes you've just gotta roll with it, if your creativity need to make a wedding ha for an easter bunny wedding then let it get on and do it!


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