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DIY Pretty Little stars | 12 days of Christmas Crafts

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

On the 2nd Day of Christmas crafting, I made some pretty little stars!

It's Day 2! I'm crafting every other day in December ( are you joining in? If not head here to get access to all the festiveness!) today I'm making these pretty little paper stars, they look extra special in glitter card but you could make these with any kind of card and they will look stunning on your tree!

Get your sparkle on and make an extra special decoration for your tree.

You will need:

-Glitter Card



-Sparkly Twine

-Glue Gun

Step One:

Cut out two of the star shapes, you'll need both of them!

Step Two:

Score and fold along the dotted lines, every other fold is a mountain fold followed by a valley fold, this will create the 3d star shape.

Step Three:

Take a length of twine, dependant on where you want your star to hang as to how long your twine is, fold it in half then tie a knot.

Step four:

Once you have folded both stars, start glueing them together. Put them back to back and glue the together by adding glue to the flaps and glueing the flap to the other stars flap free sides.

Squeeze the star to keep the 3d folds prominent as you go.

Before you completely close the star, glue in your twine. Ta da! One beautiful star!!

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