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DIY Groovy Geometric Snowmen | 12 days of Christmas crafts

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

For Day 7 of 12 days of Christmas crafting I'm bring you these groovy geometric snowmen! Imagine how great they will look in a glitter card? So super glam!

You will need:


-Glue gun and glue

-Black Card

-Black Sharpie


-Scoring tool


Step One:

First up, download and print out the template here.

Step two:

Cut out two of the larger geometric shapes and one of the smaller ones from your template.

Step Three:

Score and fold all of the lines, before assembling each of the shapes and gluing together.

Step Four:

Glue the two larger shapes on top of each other to create the snowman body, then glue the smallest shape on top to become the snowman head.

Step Five:

Draw the snowman's facial features onto the top shape.

Cut the black card into two sticks and attach onto the sides of the snowman's body.

oh yeah one groooooovy snowman!


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