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DIY Paper Village | 12 days of Christmas crafts

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

On the First day of Christmas, I made a Christmas Paper Village!!!

Day one of my 12 days of Christmas Challenge is here, if you haven't signed up yet, be sure to head here to get access exclusive templates, downloads, prizes and all of the sparkle in the lead up to Christmas delivered to your inbox!

You'll find the first template nestled in your inbox for this fabulous DIY paper village.

I think there is nothing cuter than a little Christmas village positioned along the mantel piece, This DIY turns some standard card into the most beautiful christmassy village!

You will need:



-Craft Knife

-Glue Gun

Step One:

Grab the template here, if you haven't already got it, then print out a couple of copies.

If you want different sizes of houses for your village, scale the print to make the template bigger or smaller.

Step Two:

Use the template to cut out houses into card, Use a craft knife and cutting mat to cut out the detail of the windows and doors.

Step Three:

Score then fold along all of the dotted lines on the template, to give your houses sharp crisp folds.

Step Four:

Use a glue gun to glue the flaps of your houses together.

Step Five:

Assemble your village, adding some mini trees and perhaps even some fake snow to make it even more magical.

You can also add LED tea lights to the inside of your houses for that extra festive glow!


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