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DIY Papercut Glittery Tree Card | 12 days of Christmas crafts

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

it's Day 8 of my 12 days of Christmas crafts, today i'm sharing a template for one of my fave me made Christmas cards.

It's a perfect card to make you look like you made a load of effort!!!

You will need:

-Glitter Card

-Folded card

-Craft knife and cutting board


Step One:

Tape the template on to the front of a plain card.

Lay the card flat onto the cutting mat.

Step two:

Carefully cut away the triangles on the template to create the tree shape.

Step three:

Once all of the triangles have been cut, remove the template from the front of the card.

Cut a piece of glitter card and place it on the inside of the card, glueing it in place. You can add another piece of card over the top of the back of the glitter card to neaten up the inside of the card if you wish.

Ta Da! One beautiful card!


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