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Crafter of the month- Zoe Bateman Too Cute to Quit

This month's Crafter of the month is on of my fave craft queens, Zoe Bateman from Too Cute to Quit! Her love of pastels and glitter makes us craft soulmates!

-How did you get into crafting?

I don’t really remember a time when I didn’t craft! Growing up we didn’t have loads of money, so we did LOTS of crafting and art at home with my mum, and I guess that’s what first got me hooked! I’ve always made stuff in some capacity, and I probably always will!

-What would you say is your craft super power?

Threading needles and peeling off the back of double sided tape. Totally lame, but I seem to be really good at ridiculously fiddly stuff like that. Oh and telling at a glance where someone has gone wrong on their crochet – with great (craft) power comes great responsibility…

-What made you make craft a part of your career?

When I graduated from university (way back in 2009!) I had a degree in Creative Writing and no real desire to turn that into a job. So I took a job working in retail, and in my free time I would craft jewellery and other random stuff. My colleagues encouraged me to open an Etsy shop and the rest, as they say, is history! When I decided to stop selling products in 2017, I knew I still wanted to craft, and so now I teach craft workshops and work as a freelance craft person (that’s a job right?!)

-Do you have a craft nemesis? That one craft you can’t master?

I actually have two – knitting and sewing. I can do both at a very basic level – if you want a knitted scarf or a fabric zip pouch, I’m your girl. But anything more complex and my brain just switches off. With sewing it’s the precision involved – I will look at something I’ve cut out and go ‘yeah that looks okay’ but the pieces won’t fit together properly!

-Must have craft tool?

Good scissors! Like Emma, I have a pretty epic scissor collection, and they are the tool I use every single day. Different scissors for different crafts is also essential – fabric scissors are just for fabric NOT for also cutting paper/yarn/your fringe! The other tool I use daily is my Cricut Maker – so many things you can do with it.

-What’s your go to crafting snack?

Marmite on toast. Very random, but for some reason when I craft I get a hankering for marmite on toast!

-Coffee or tea?

Tea! I only have caffeinated tea in the morning and the rest of the day I drink rooibos J

-Where do you currently craft?

I’m super lucky to have a spare room at home that I use as my studio – it’s way too small, but it’s so amazing having a space I can make a crafty mess in without worrying about taking over the living room/kitchen.

-Who is your craft crush?

Other than Emma (OBVS) it would probably be Chloe from Cotton Clara, Zeena from Heart Zeena, or Christine from Sew Yeah. Total craft idols.

-Craft career highlight?

Having my moon collar clips worn by Clara Oswald on Doctor Who! Or getting to sell my items at a craft fair in Austin, Texas. Or being featured in my favourite craft magazine, Mollie Makes.

-Where can we find you on the internet?

You can see my makes on instagram (I’m @toocutetoquit) or on my website/blog at


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