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DIY Disco Desk Pot

Hi Frends! Laura here today...

I often find my tiniest paint brushes get lost amongst the bigger ones and I can never find the one I want right away. I picked out my favourites and put them in an old spice jar on my desk – it did the job but was a little dull. Step in the mirror tiles from August’s Glittery Hands Box...

If you are covering a large area with the tiles the release paper on the sticky backing comes off leaving the tiles joined together. I’ll admit it was a relief to discover that as I thought I’d be sticking them down one by one! In one area where the tiles didn’t meet up exactly I used some silver modelling paste as a grout to fill the gap.

The bottom of the jar isn’t cylindrical so covering it with tiles was not something I wanted to attempt. I used my acrylic inks to add a rainbow of coloured drips to the bottom instead.

Woody enjoyed his photo shoot and now stands on my desk next to his super shiny brush holder BFF!

I’ve got half a sheet of mirror tiles left so I’m looking for something else I can cover too! Thanks for looking!​ Schedule

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