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Being creative is pain in my (massive) booty. Some days I find it flows from me so fast that there is no possible way I can create, make, draw, doodle and write all the projects that are tidal waving from me.

Other days it’s like sinking to the bottom of the ocean and looking into the abyss. Not even a sand grain of creativity can be squeezed from me.

I’m writing this post on one of those abyss days, sat on my bed surrounded by a mountain of craft magazines, despairing in the fact that I’m so un creative today I’m writing about being Un creative. Because not one of the pages of these stunning magazines is giving me anything to roll with. The irony.

So here’s an un creative post on how I get my creative mojo in order:

1. Make things you hate.

It sounds bizarre, but I recently discovered making something i hated gave me so many new options and ideas. Forced or unforced this kind of making leads to so many little lightbulb ideas. I had to make some bead bracelets recently in style a really despise.

Although I wasn’t particularly proud of the end result, I secretly enjoyed it and it got me back in my making groove.

2. Pinterest.

Obvious I know, but after three hours of delirious scrolling making a pallet into a bench is the most obvious thing you need to do .

You never know you might get so far into the related pin tunnel that you not only forget where you started, you discover something truly magical.

3. Find beauty in textures. And life.

Deep but start looking. I just stared intently at a pitta bread. It’s possible I’m absolutely crazy, but the texture on this pitta bread was absolutely beautiful. Like rock formations or harsh clouds.

So get looking, get photographing. Find the most worn chairs on the bus, the bits of paint that have chipped off. It’s all gorgeous.

4. Look up.

We miss so much bumbling around and around the same old paths, look up next time you are in town. Find those old department stores that now contain Primark and the old signs for the general stores, all those forgotten bits that you pass everyday but never actually SEE.

5. Dance it out.

Put on some tunes and contemporary dance it out around the kitchen.

On good days I attempt a dance move to get out of bed in the morning, it’s a dangerous past time but a very creative way to start the day.

6. Stumble upon.

If your new to the fabulousness that is stumble upon, in a nutshell it’s a way to discover new pages on the Internet that you will probably like/love. In one click you can go from “Amazing street art in London” to “15 incredible mustaches”. Absolute magic.

It’s an incredible way to break from tradition and find new stuff to play with on the World Wide Web. Not only to find great stuff but also to discover what things you really don’t enjoy looking at “seven ways to dress up your pet snake” for example, isn’t high on my like list.

7. People watch.

Those people out in the real world are absolutely cray cray. Get out there and watch them from a coffee shop. It’s fascinating. And gets you out and about with a bit of fresh air, which is always bound to give you a little inspiration.

8. Tidy up.

Tidying up is a great tool to find something you forgot you had and that you need to play with. A brilliant way to re find the things you very much need in your life to get creative with.

9. Sleep.

And if that abyss isn’t clearing go to bed. Get up tommorow, cartwheel out of bed and see what the hell happens.

Creativity is such a beast, it’s like Beauty and the Beast one second it’s a stunning prince blonde hair flowing in the wind, next thing to wolfing it’s way around the west wing. I hope some of these tips to break yourself from the creativity block work, if not we can all just admire our pitta breads together.

Hook me up with your creative ideas, comment below!


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